Gravure Printing

Rotogravure (gravure) printing is a type of intaglio printing process that encompasses the engraving of an image onto an image carrier, usually a copper cylinder.

Substrates used for gravure printing are usually on roll or reel form. Known for the preferred choice for long run printing, these machines run at high speeds reaching 300m per minute in some cases. This form of printing also provides width variation from narrow labels up to 4m wide rolls. Gravure presses are known for being equipped with units providing additional operations, which are in-line, such as varnishing and die-cutting.  Gravure printing is conducive for a wide range of substrates such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester, BOPP, etc.  Gravure printing lends itself to a wide variety of products, like long run magazines, brochures, newspapers and even books, in packaging it offers a range across cigarette packaging, beverage labels and flexible packaging printing