Laser Engraved Anilox Process


The Schepers fibre optic laser engraver offers the latest laser technology to produce high quality new and refurbished ceramic anilox rolls that reach OEM specifications, catering for line counts of 100 to 1 250lpi.

The decision to set up a working partnership with Thermaspray, a ceramic coating supplier was to ensure that we stick to our core competencies and allow their expertise as leaders in the thermal spray coating technology to compliment our ability to meet global standards.

The decision we took to upgrade the laser from a 200W to a 600W to increase anilox-engraving capabilities and improve overall performance is testament to our intention of maintaining market leadership.

Some of the improvements we expect to realise following the upgrade are as follows:   

  1. Better ink release properties
  2. Longer life span of rollers (hard ceramic and low porosity).
  3. Specifically formulated ceramic and bond coating for different printing inks, i.e. water based, solvent based and UV.
  4. Specially formulated pre-treatment and after treatment of anilox roller to improves ink release properties.
  5. Higher printing speeds can be achieved due to roller dimensional consistency and mechanical
  6. Multi beam and multi hit technology (fibre optic) enhances the cell profile in comparison to traditional laser technology.
  7. Software for custom cell