Our Values

Our values are underpinned by three simply business philosophies described as follows:

High Respect For Quality

Total quality is the responsibility of all our employees and, in particular, the quality of our product is the responsibility of everyone.  The requirements of our customers are defined and communicated to all our employees. We only provide products that meet our customer's specific specifications.  Identify and correct manufacturing limitations that prevent the achievement of quality leadership. We only support suppliers who share our philosophy on high quality standards.



High Respect For People

Employ people who are innovative and who associate themselves with our objectives. Recognise achievements and contribute through job security and career advancement. Ensure employees have the necessary skills and motivation to produce a quality product. Encourage open and frank communication.  Utilise the requisite amount of equipment, material, labour and space, which is essential to produce a quality product.   


Superior Technical Capabilities
Ensure that our equipment is technically capable of producing a quality product. The leadership has pledged a commitment to ensuring that the, Quality Policy Statement is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of this organisation. The entire business is committed to supply a product that meets the customers required specifications and in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System.

Who we are: